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It’s no secret that when we age, it can become harder to remember things and events. In fact, around 25% of people 65 years old and older have a degree of mild cognitive impairment, and about 10% have dementia.

These conditions can make it difficult for your loved one to manage day-to-day life on their own, but they don’t have to do it alone. Hamilton House is proud to offer an excellent Memory Care service for all residents who struggle with memory loss.

If you believe Memory Care is right for you or your loved one, contact us today and schedule a tour through our beautiful community!

What is Memory Care?

Our focus at Hamilton House is to provide the tools and resources your loved one needs to thrive and live as independently as possible. By focusing on person-centered care provided by a team of highly-trained staff, we tailor our services to match your loved one’s needs.

Identifying the Level of Support Needed

We need to understand the exact level of care required for each of our Memory Care residents so we never miss a beat. Before joining our community, we recommend potential residents and their families speak to our registered nurse about the level of care needed.

Some of the care services we offer include:

  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Personal hygiene/toileting
  • Assistance eating
  • Medication Assistance
  • Transferring assistance

To best serve our residents with dementia, we offer an Enriching Connections program that trains our staff on how to provide structured care plans and help residents live as independently as possible.

Our Enriching Connections program is founded on 7 essential elements:

  • Relationships & Community: Everyone is invited to belong in our community.
  • Commitment: Our organizational leaders are committed to providing excellent person-centered care and are always actively involved.
  • Certification & Training for Staff: All management and Memory Care staff members are certified through the Alzheimer’s Association and have completed additional training and education in Memory Care.
  • Services: Nursing staff and families work together to create plans for residents that promote independence, individual preferences, and dignity.
  • Meaningful Life & Engagement: We will help promote and maintain the best possible quality of life for our residents through our Inspire Wellness program.
  • Environmental: Our team dedicates itself to making continual changes and improvements so every Tealwood community is a dementia-friendly environment.
  • Accountability: We always strive for excellent care.
  • Your loved one has dementia or any other memory cognitive problem that makes living alone difficult
  • Your loved one’s health is at risk
  • Your loved one’s needs are surpassing the abilities of their primary caregivers
  • Your loved one is neglecting or forgetting about work responsibilities, family commitments, and themselves
  • Your loved one would benefit from the structure and community of our Memory Care lifestyle

Services for Memory Care Residents

Hamilton House is designed to provide comfort for all residents who may have cognitive memory impairments like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

For our Memory Care residents, our services include:

  • Assistance to and from meals
  • Regularly scheduled care conferences
  • 3 chef-prepared meals
  • Regular housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Person-centered wellness activities.
  • And more

A Community Matched to Your Needs

Comfort and convenience are our primary focus for all of our residents, and Hamilton House is designed to serve this purpose.

At Hamilton House, your loved one can expect:

  • Airy, spacious walkways
  • Safe and secure recreational spaces
  • Programs and activities to match the needs of each individual
  • A grand bath with a whirlpool spa

Beautiful Apartments Designed to Serve Your Loved Ones

Our Memory Care residents can enjoy a range of amenities matched to their needs. In these beautiful living spaces, you can expect to find:

  • A kitchenette
  • A walk-in shower
  • Non-slip floors
  • Heat lamps with timers
  • All utilities included, except phone
  • Subtle design features for wayfinding, safety, and independence
  • And more!

Why Choose Us?

Hamilton House continuously plans and hosts a variety of events to help make your stay here unforgettable. Our schedule is always changing and adapting to fit you, and you have a say in what we do next!

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We help make your stay with us a truly customizable living experience. We can adapt to your needs so you stay comfortable while maintaining your independence.

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Our community is equipped with advanced technology to keep you healthy and safe. From air purification to medical-grade surface protectants, we take the necessary steps to protect you from illness and pollutants.

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