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Welcome to Hamilton House.

When you are with us, you are among friends and family. From our highly trained, considerate, and compassionate staff members to our incredible variety of services and events, we can help make your stay with us some of the most wonderful years of your life.

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Our Story

Hamilton House is a proud part of the Tealwood Living communities located all across the country. Since Tealwood Living’s start in 1989, Tealwood has expanded from a handful of communities to over 40, with highly experienced leadership working in the senior living profession for over 25 years!

Start the next chapter of your life today and join our incredible community.

Our Mission

To Enrich the Lives of Those We Serve.

Our Commitments

Respect Everyone for Who They Are & Who They May Become

Our family at Hamilton House will always greet you with a smile and treat you with the respect, courtesy, and dignity you deserve, all with a healthy and positive attitude.

You are perfect the way you are. By staying at Hamilton House, we can help ensure your needs are always met with urgency. We will make sure you have as many options as possible to make your stay comfortable and convenient.

Hamilton is more than just a place to stay; our staff can provide you with the care you need. We only make promises we can keep. We only give apologies (never excuses). We resolve everyone’s concerns, and we make sure everyone is a full member of the team.

Why Choose Us?

Hamilton House continuously plans and hosts a variety of events to help make your stay here unforgettable. Our schedule is always changing and adapting to fit you, and you have a say in what we do next!

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We help make your stay with us a truly customizable living experience. We can adapt to your needs so you stay comfortable while maintaining your independence.

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Our community is equipped with advanced technology to keep you healthy and safe. From air purification to medical-grade surface protectants, we take the necessary steps to protect you from illness and pollutants.

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Our Location

Where to Find Us

We are easy to find on North Wauwatosa Road, right behind the Redeemer Lutheran Church. Visit us today!

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Our Address

W76 N629, Wauwatosa Rd
Cedarburg, WI 53012

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Phone: 262-421-5551

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8 AM5 PM
8 AM5 PM
8 AM5 PM
8 AM5 PM
8 AM5 PM
By Appointment Only
By Appointment Only

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