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How to Age in Place

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Often when we think about aging in place, we think about staying in our current home. And while that may be a good solution for some, if you’d like to downsize and move out of your home, we’re here to tell you that doesn’t mean that you can’t still age in place. Some senior’s residences offer you the ability to transition from independent to assisted living without needing to move.

What Does Aging in Place Mean at Home?

Aging in place at home means having the necessary infrastructure to do so. For example, the stairs may get more difficult to manage as time goes on and you might consider purchasing a lift, or you may need handrails in places where they previously weren’t required. Over time, you are likely going to incur costs in order to make your home liveable over the long-term. 

It’s worth comparing these costs with the costs of a residence that offers independent or assisted living, as these facilities will have all of the safety and assistance features you need pre-installed. These features are in addition to the many other benefits that such residences provide, such as access to healthcare, meal assistance or service, and community activities.

How Can Independent & Assisted Living Help Me Age In Place?

Independent living is an excellent option for those who’d like to maintain a self-sufficient lifestyle and yet live in community and obtain access to certain services (such as yard care or housekeeping). Some senior’s residences also offer residents the ability to transition from independent to assisted living without needing to uproot.

One of the key differences between independent and assisted living is the level of care required; essentially, accessing assisted living means gaining access to additional services that help you to live more comfortably as you age. However, you don’t necessarily need to move in order to get the help you need. At Hamilton House, we offer both independent and assisted living arrangements, so you can age in place by simply requesting additional help as you need it. 

Does Getting Access to Assisted Living Mean I Need to Move?

The incredible thing about aging in place at a place like Hamilton House, is that we make aging in place possible from right where you’re at. Once you move into our independent living residence, you don’t need to do anything else. The additional help you may require as you age will be available to you when you need it, so you can stay right where you are.

We allow residents to age in place by providing additional help where they need it, and not where they don’t. That means you get to choose which assisted living services are offered to you based on your developing needs, and there’s no pressure to do things on your own that you don’t want to. 

Accepting help doesn’t mean you’re accepting defeat, it just means saying “no” to stress and “yes” to comfort, and you can rest easy knowing you’re under no obligations to move as you transition from independent to assisted living.

Will Assisted Living Compromise My Independence?

Assisted living is tailored to your needs and wants, and it certainly doesn’t have to compromise your independence. You are in control of the services that are offered to you, and your privacy and independence will always be respected. Getting extra help doesn’t have to be difficult or invasive, and at Hamilton House, we will never make it so.

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Feel at Home at Hamilton House

We adapt to your needs so you can stay comfortable right where you’re at. At Hamilton House, you can enjoy your retirement by maintaining your freedom and getting the assistance you need on your terms. Contact our team today to learn more about aging in place with us.

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